The Court Booking System

An optional new user interface has now been provided as part of work to internationalise the EACF Court Booking System system in order to make it available for croquet clubs worldwide. All the existing bookings and the basic booking operations remain the same as before for all EACF users.

However, in addition to the existing method of accessing their bookings, EACF users can also now access them as part of the World Croquet Federation website domain at The actual system is the same by either route, though via the WCF link you will see the WCF logo in the top left corner instead of the EACF one.

What's different?

The main differences are:

Do I have to change anything?

Settings The short answer is "No". You can carry on using the system just as you did before. However, why not try out the new design and navigation features now? You can always revert to the old style at any time via the Settings pop-up in the top right corner. This will provide you with a short menu of options where you can select different languages and different countries and clubs if you wish, as well as the choice between the old and new style of user interface. You can click on the settings icon here to try it out.

Settings Please note that when using the old style interface you will only be able to override the default selection of country or language by using this page and accessing the Settings via the icon in the top right corner.

When using the new style interface you can access your Settings and Preferences using the Settings icon in the top right corner of every page.