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A Court Booking System is available now for use by EACF member clubs. This is a facility which enables clubs to have their own online court booking system for the courts at their club. They do not need to have their own club website, though it can easily be added as a direct link within a club website as well.

Bookings can be made in a variety of ways, from short time-periods on one court to whole days on multiple courts.

To view existing bookings by day, by week or by month just visit the corresponding link here, and then select a club. Or first select a club and then change the view using one of the links at the bottom of every page.


Access to editing bookings is controlled by a simple login with user name and password, so that only club members can make or change bookings. Each club also has one or more administrators who can manage the use of the system by their own club members.

System requirements

The booking system can be used from any standard browser and PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone with an internet connection. JavaScript must be enabled for it to work properly, which is the default setting for all modern types of browser.

Demonstration system

A Demonstration system using a hypothetical club is available for illustration and experimentation. The pre-defined members at this club are named 'Alice' and 'Bob', and they both have the password 'demo'. You are welcome to login in as one of these users and to make some experimental bookings to see how it works! Just follow the link to try it out.

Current users

Since May 2010 the system has been used 'live' in different ways by Norwich and Watford: Norwich is using it for individual member bookings by the hour on specific courts, while Watford is using it to show only all-day bookings for both provisional and confirmed matches, tournaments and other events which occupy all the courts at the club. Subsequently it has also been adopted by Letchworth, Meldreth, and St. Albans, and more recently by Colchester and Newport. The actual bookings for participating clubs are visible to all (for viewing only except by those members with login rights) and can be reached by selecting a real club instead of the Demonstration club, or directly via the details shown for those participating clubs on the EACF Clubs page, or from an external website link or browser 'favourite' if desired.

In 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic the use of the system was further extended to make it freely available throughout the UK and internationally in multiple languages to all croquet clubs whose national governing body is a member of the World Croquet Federation.

Further information

If you are interested in using this system at your own club please contact the Webmaster.