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EACF President: Tom Anderson

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EACF Committee

Chairman George Collin
Phone: 01582 458665
Email: gkcollin#yahoo.co.uk

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cup Tournaments
LeagueACNorthern League
Terrey Sparks
Phone: 01485 534782
Email: terrey.sparks1#aim.com
Treasurer Arthur Reed
Phone: 01296 615220
Email: arthur.reed742#btinternet.com


Jonathan Toye
Phone: 01366 382280
Email: jonathantoye#hotmail.com

The Development Manager is available to give advice on setting up a new club, to provide coaching and advise on applying for grants. Any application for a grant from the Croquet Association should have his endorsement. He has a particular interest in the welfare of disabled people and can help with getting them involved in the game. For more information about the Croquet Association's Development Aid Grants and other Grant Awarding Bodies see advice for clubs. A CA Development Aid application form can be downloaded from this site.

The Federation owns equipment (hoops, balls, mallets) which is available on loan to new clubs free of charge for one year, after which a reasonable charge is made. The equipment is also available to other clubs to hire for one-off events, for which a charge is also made. Contact the Equipment Manager for further information.

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Cliff Jones
Mobile: 07549 612742
Email: croquetquest#gmail.com
LeagueACBeds & Herts League


EACF Webmaster
Simon Hathrell
Phone: 01923 241582
Email: webmaster#angliacroquet.uk

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LeagueGCGolf Croquet
Open League
B-Level League
Handicap League
Geoff Johnson
Mobile: 07767 771180
Email: geoff.f.johnson#gmail.com
Croquet Association
Brian Havill
Phone: 01707 873269
Email: brian.havill#outlook.com
LeagueACEssex & Suffolk League Bernard Yallop*
Phone: 01799 584262
Email: bdyallop#gmail.com
  * Not a member of the committee.

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For security reasons, personal addresses are not published. If you wish to obtain someone's address please contact them by phone or email and ask them for it.

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See also the EACF Constitution (PDF 47 kb).
Here are some other useful links and location maps for some of the clubs.