GC Golf Croquet

GC League Northern Area results
by year:


Results vs.:

Downham Hunstanton Norwich Bottisham MATCH WINS GAME WINS
Downham   12-6 9-0(1) 10-8 3 31
Hunstanton 6-12   13-5 15-3 2 34
Norwich 0-9(1)


  12-6 1 17
Bottisham 8-10 3-15 6-12   0 17

(1) Norwich withdrew at short notice so the match was awarded to Downham Market in accordance with Rule 10.


Winner: Downham Market

Results vs.: Club A Club B
Club A   Club A - Club B score
Club A at Home
Club B Club B - Club A score
Club B Away

The matches shaded yellow are played at home for the team in the left-hand column.
So to read the table easily, (1) find the club in the left-hand column (in bold),
(2) read across to find its scores against each opponent as the first figure given;
(3) read across to find its Home games in yellow and its Away games in white.

If the number of wins is tied then the winner is determined by the who-beat-whom rule,
then by the number of games won.

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League Manager:
(Bury St. Edmunds)