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Hertfordshire triumphant again

Herts winners L-R: John Skingsley,
Robert Archer, Nick Archer, David Tutt

For the fourth time in the seven years since this popular event The Ken Wheeler Shield was introduced, a strong Hertfordshire team consisting of Nick Archer (Captain), David Tutt, John Skingsley and Robert Archer proved triumphant with a convincing win despite strong resistance from the other five Eastern Counties.

Staged on 3rd June on the five well-prepared lawns at the Hunstanton club on a glorious summer day, both Hertfordshire and Essex made strong starts, despatching their opponents convincingly to build up unassailable leads, and at the end of the block round both qualified for the Gold Medal Round with 4 match wins and 11 game points. Norfolk had 2 match wins along with Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire, but just managed to qualify with 7 game points, 1 more than the other two.

In the final Gold Medal Round Hertfordshire with some determined play managed to consolidate their lead by beating both the Essex and Norfolk sides to lift the trophy; whilst despite a win over Essex, Norfolk were unable to secure the second place.

Report by Terrey Sparks,
photo by David Thirtle-Watts

Venue Saturday 3 June, Hunstanton
The Ken Wheeler Shield
Entry fees tba
Team captains
Beds: (Leighton Linslade)
Cambridge: (Peterborough)
Essex: (Chelmsford)
Herts: (Watford)
Norfolk: (Hunstanton)
Suffolk: (Unity)
Previous winners Herts
Format Block Phase

Each team will play a match against each other over the first five rounds (i.e. an American Block).

A 'match' will comprise two singles games and one doubles. In the first round a team may elect to allocate players in any role (Singles or Doubles) irrespective of handicap. In the second round the Singles/Doubles roles will be reversed. In the third round roles will revert to those of the first round etc.

e.g. Round 1 A1 v B1 A2 v B2 A3/A4 v B3/B4  
  Round 2 A3 v C3 A4 v C4 A1/A2 v C1/C2  
  Round 3 A1 v D1 A2 v D2 A3/A4 v D3/D4 etc.

(Thus, after five rounds each player will have played either 3 Singles and 2 Doubles, or 2 Singles and 3 Doubles). On completion of this Block Phase the three leading teams will qualify for the sixth 'Gold Medal Round'. The leading teams will be decided on Match Wins with any tie being resolved by 'who-beat-whom'.

"Gold Medal Round" Format

Each team will carry forward games won (each game scoring a single point). Each team will now comprise two Doubles pairs. The pairings may differ from the Block Phase. Pairs will be drawn to play a single game in the following format:

X1 v Y1 X2 v Z1 Y2 v Z2

A game win will score two points and be added to the aggregate carried forward. The winning team will be the one with the most points, with any tie being resolved by the match result in the Block Phase.

Eligibility To qualify for a county the team member must either be born, reside or be registered with a club within that county. (For this tournament the county of Bedfordshire includes the clubs of Northampton and Stony Stratford).

If you are eligible and want to play, please contact the relevant team captain!
Regulations PDF (PDF, 40 kb)


EACF Golf Croquet Inter-Counties results

result vs:

Essex Herts Norfolk Cambs Beds Suffolk MATCH
Essex   2-1 2-1 3-0 1-2 3-0 4 11 carried forward
Hertfordshire 1-2   2-1 2-1 3-0 3-0 4 11 carried forward
Norfolk 1-2 1-2   2-1 1-2 2-1 2 7 carried forward
Cambridgeshire 0-3 1-2 1-2   2-1 2-1 2 6 4
Bedfordshire 2-1 0-3 2-1 1-2   1-2 2 6 5
Suffolk 0-3 0-3 1-2 1-2 2-1   1 4 6
"Gold Medal Round" results

result vs:

Essex Herts Norfolk POINTS carried forward TOTAL
Essex   0 0 0 11 11 2
Hertfordshire 2   2 4 11 15 1
Norfolk 2 0   2 7 9 3
Bedfordshire: John Thorp, Roger Stroud, John Cundell, Judith Penselly
Cambridge: Terrey Sparks, Bryan Saddington, Peter Ross, David Haslam
Essex: Chris Sheen, Ann Brookes, John Skuse, Judith Hand
Hertfordshire: David Tutt, John Skingsley, Nick Archer, Robert Archer
Norfolk: David Thirtle-Watts, Noel Gill, Duncan Hector, Tony Lee
Suffolk: Mike Percival, Hugh Brown, Colin Whyles, Duncan Brinkley

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