AC Association Croquet

Northern League results
by year:

Winner: Norwich

Results vs.: Norwich Hunstanton Peterborough GAME
Norwich   A: 2-2
H: 2-2
H: 3-1
A: 2-2
9 1
Hunstanton H: 2-2
A: 2-2
  A: 2-2
H: 2-2
8 2
Peterborough A: 1-3
H: 2-2
H: 2-2
A: 2-2
  7 3

Clubs play 1 home and 1 away match against each other club.

1 point for each game won. If the points are tied then the winner is determined by the who-beat-whom rule.

All matches to be completed
by 16 September.


League Organiser:

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Rules for the Northern Area League Competition

  1. The competition shall be known as the EACF Northern Area League.
  2. All clubs within the Northern Area (Norfolk and Cambridgeshire) of the East Anglian Croquet Federation shall be eligible to participate in the league provided that they are registered with the Federation and have paid the appropriate registration fee. (New for 2014:) There is an entry fee of £10 per season per team.
  3. Each team in the league shall play each other twice on a home and away basis.
  4. Courts should not be less than ¾ size (approx. 30 x 25 yards) or in such poor condition that there is virtually no possibility of accurate positioning, nor of hitting a ball from one end of the court to the other.
  5. Teams shall consist of 3 players with one substitution permitted per match. It is expected that all club handicappers will ensure that their players? handicaps are accurately set and that all players are bona fide Club members.
  6. Each match shall consist of 2 doubles and 2 singles games. No player shall be permitted to play more than 1 game of singles per match. Double banking is permitted in order to allow single court Clubs to take part.
  7. All games, Singles and Doubles, shall be standard 26pt Handicap games of 3¼ hours duration. Extended time will be played as per Tournament Rules T2 (page 65 Laws book).
  8. 4 points shall be awarded for each match. Teams shall receive 1 point for each win. No points shall be awarded for a loss. Results of matches must be notified to the League Organiser by the winning team within 48 hours.
  9. If a team fails to fulfil a fixture for any reason, then no points shall be awarded. However, it is within the League Organiser's discretion to award points to the non-offending team.
  10. The responsibility for arranging a fixture rests with the Home Team. However, a degree of mutual co-operation shall be expected between both participating teams.
  11. The home team shall be responsible for providing a match referee, preferably qualified. All his/her decisions on the day shall be final.
  12. At the end of the Competition, date to be set by the League Organiser the overall winner shall be the team which has accrued the most points. However,
    1. If there is a tie on points between two or more teams, then the 'who-beat-whom' rule shall apply.
    2. If an overall winner can still not be determined, then a final play-off match will be arranged at a neutral venue agreed with the League organiser.
  13. The overall winner of the Competition will hold the EACF (Northern Area) league trophy for the ensuing 12 months.
  14. The highest placed club that is fully registered with the CA shall be eligible to enter the play-off against the other area winners to determine the overall EACF League Champions, who will then go forward to represent the EACF in the Secretary's Shield Competition to take place the following season.
  15. It is expected that the Home Club will provide refreshments comprising tea, coffee, biscuits as well as a light buffet tea at the end of the match at no cost to the visitors.
  16. In the event that complaints, points for discussion, misunderstandings, disputes etc. not covered by these Rules arise during the competition, they will be determined by the League Organiser provided representations are made to him by the aggrieved Club within 10 days of the occurrence of the relevant event. The decision of the League Organiser shall be final. 

Terrey Sparks
League Organiser