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Wrest Park - Saturday 26 September revised date

Manager: Terrey Sparks

Unfortunately this event had to be rescheduled because of the Covid-19 lockdown.

The First and the Last

After a long lay-off ordered by HM Government last March due to the Coronavirus this weekend gathering at Wrest Park was the only summer event staged by the EACF this year, and it was pleasing to see that it attracted a full entry of 16 on both days. Unfortunately, the warm and pleasant summer weather decided to abandon us and both days consisted of cold winds and the occasional showers. However, play was carried on with determination and enthusiasm.

Under the watchful eyes of local member George Collin Manager for the AC day the play was separated into three groups depending on handicap and the results were as follows:

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'A' Block - Level Advanced
1 Nick Mounfield (-2) Letchworth 3/3
2= Simon Hathrell (-1½) Watford 1/3
2= Bryan Harral (-½) Wrest Park 1/3
2= Nick Steiner (-½) Colchester 1/3
'B' Block - Level Advanced
1* Heather Bennett (3½) St. Albans 3/3
2* David Woolley (7) Wrest Park 3/3
3 Bryan Saddington (5) Downham Market 1/3
4 David Frost (4) Enfield 1/3
5 Arthur Reed (3) Watford 1/3
6 Jill Waters (4) Colchester 0/3

*determined by a Nottingham Tie Break (2-ball breaks starting in corner IV).

'C' Block - 18pt Handicap
1 Jonathan Lambton (6) Watford 3/3
2 Geoff Strutt (9) Wrest Park 2/3
3 Andrew Gregory (2) Newport 2/3
4 Thomas Halliday (7) Enfield 2/3
5 David Haslam (16) Downham Market 0/3
6 Jane Collier (14) Colchester 0/3
Report by Terrey Sparks

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