Inter-Counties results
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GC Golf Croquet

The 2005 Inter-County Golf Croquet Championships were held at the Sussex County Croquet club at Southwick, near Brighton, on Saturday August 13th and Sunday August 14th.

From the East Anglian Croquet Federation, Suffolk competed with 7 other county croquet clubs from Durham, Kent, Sussex, Dorset, Leicestershire, Oxfordshire, and Northumberland.

A total of 9 matches were initially played to determine the semi finalists which on Sunday were announced to be: Sussex, Oxford, Leicestershire and Dorset.  Overall Suffolk won 5 out of its 9 matches and was very close to entering the semi finals. However there were about 3 other teams who also had qualification for the semi finals and a quick hit out game had to be played  to determine which county was moving on.  Suffolk was eventually  sorry that it was unable to qualify for the semi finals when it lost the finals hit-out game.

The finals Inter-County Championship game on the Sunday afternoon qualified SUSSEX as being the overall winner for the 2005 championship.

The Sussex champions

The Suffolk team: Dick Strover (Sudbury), Jock Strover
(Sudbury) and Michael Percival, Captain Paul Strover (Sudbury)
with the substitute player Brian Cash (Bury St Edmunds)

Jock Strover working well

Don Beck, one of the organisers of the whole tournament