The 2005 National Trust Singles Tournament was held on Sept 4th at Ickworth Park, comprising 24 competitors from 7 clubs: Bury St Edmunds, Newport,  Leighton, Bottisham,  Downham, Chelmsford and Southchurch.



Ian Thompson of  Downham (right) retains the EACF Association Croquet trophy, presented by Jonathan Toye

Semi Finals, Downham v Bottisham, 
Chelmsford v Southchurch


 Finals, Martin Amtrose from Downham v  
Judith Hand from Chelmsford

The FINAL Winner, Martin Ambrose presented by Anne Weekes, the  Tournament Manager


and Well Done Ann Sweeney and Management team. Eileen Beattie and Ann Sweeney for the great organisation.

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