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Beds & Herts League results
by year:

The Hector Shield
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Results vs.:

Wrest Park Letchworth St. Albans Watford Enfield Colworth Meldreth Northants POINTS GAMES
Wrest Park   4-2 2-2 4-2 5-1 2-2 3-2 3-3 11 23 1st
Letchworth 2-4   5-1 2-4 4-2 2-2 4-1 4-2 9 23 2nd
St. Albans 2-2 1-5   3-1 2-2 3-1 2-2 4-2 9 17 3rd
Watford 2-4 4-2 1-3   2-4 5-1 4-1 5-1 8 23 4th
Enfield 1-5 2-4 2-2 4-2   2-2 5-1 3-3 7 19 5th
Colworth 2-2 2-2 1-3 1-5 2-2   2-2 2-2 5 12 6th
Meldreth 2-3 1-4 2-2 1-4 1-5 2-2   4-1 4 13 7th
Northampton 3-3 2-4 2-4 1-5 3-3 2-2 1-4   3 14 8th



Wrest Park



Results vs.: Club A Club B
Club A   Club A - Club B score
Club A at Home
Club B Club B - Club A score
Club B Away

The matches shaded yellow are played at home for the team in the left-hand column. 2 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss. The winning team is determined by the number of points, and if tied then by the number of games won, then by who beat whom.

Deadlines for rounds:

Round 1 4th May
Round 2 25th May
Round 3 15th June
Round 4 6th July
Round 5 27th July
Round 6 17th August
Round 7 7th September


Schedule & club contacts: (pdf, 43 kb)


League Manager: (Watford)

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Rules for the Beds & Herts Association Croquet League

  1. All clubs within Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire shall be eligible to participate in the league provided that they are registered with the East Anglian Croquet Federation, plus any other nearby clubs as may be determined by the EACF.
  2. The League shall operate on an all-play-all basis, with each pairing of clubs playing Home and Away in alternate years. However, clubs with only one serviceable court may elect to play their "Home" games Away.
  3. The responsibility for arranging a fixture rests with the Home club. However, a degree of mutual co-operation is expected between both participating clubs.
  4. Courts should be full-size and in adequate condition such that there is a possibility of accurate positioning, and of hitting a ball from one corner of the court to the opposite corner.
  5. The maximum allowed individual handicap is 20. There is no minimum allowed handicap. The team captain should ensure that handicaps are correct and that any new players have been assessed by the club handicapper in accordance with the CA Club Handbook. No player may play for more than one club in the course of any one season.
  6. Where two or more courts are available teams should normally consist of 4 players, with each player playing in one doubles and one singles game, giving a total of 6 games in the match. The opponents in the 4 singles games should be paired in handicap order.
  7. Where only one court is available teams should consist of 3 players, with only one player playing in two doubles games, giving a total of 4 games in the match.
  8. All games shall be standard 26pt Handicap games of 3 hours duration if single-banked, or 3ΒΌ hours if double-banked. Time-limited games shall be played to a result in accordance with CA Tournament regulation T2.
  9. The home team shall be responsible for providing a match referee, preferably qualified. All his/her decisions on the day shall be final.
  10. 2 points shall be awarded for each match, with teams receiving 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. The result of each match must be notified promptly to the League Manager by the winning team.
  11. If one side cancels a match at less than 48 hours notice and no alternative venue is agreed then the other side shall receive 2 points but no games won. If the match is not played for any other reason then no points shall be awarded for it, except if the League Manager at his discretion decides to award 2 points. Rule 15 below applies.
  12. At the end of the competition the overall winner shall be the team which has accrued the most points. However,
    1. If there is a tie on points between two or more teams, then the team with the highest number of games won shall be the winner.
    2. If a winner can still not be determined, then the 'who-beat-whom' rule shall apply.
    3. If an overall winner can still not be determined, then a final play-off match will be arranged at a neutral venue agreed with the League Manager, or by other means at the League Manager's discretion.
  13. The highest placed CA-Registered club shall be eligible to enter the play-off against the other area winners to determine the overall EACF League Champions, who will then go forward to represent the EACF in the Secretary's Shield Competition to take place in the following season.
  14. It is expected that the Home club will provide refreshments including a light tea at the end of the match at no cost to the visitors.
  15. In the event of a dispute both clubs should make representations to the League Manager, whose decision shall be final.

Simon Hathrell
League Manager