GC Golf Croquet

GC League Western Area results
by year:


Winner: Watford

Results vs.: Watford Stony Stratford L. Linslade Yellow Letchworth Northants L. Linslade Green MATCH
Watford   10-9 13-5 10-8 12-6 14-4 5 59 1
Stony Stratford 9-10   10-8 13-5 12-6 14-4 4 58 2
Leighton Linslade Yellow 5-13 8-10   10-8 11-7 10-9 3 44 3
Letchworth 8-10 5-13 8-10   10-9 10-8 2 41 4
Northampton 6-12 6-12 7-11 9-10   13-5 1 41 5
Leighton Linslade Green 4-14 4-14 9-10 8-10 5-13   0 30 6

Venues may be changed by mutual agreement. Results to be reported by email or phone to Chris Howell as soon as possible after each match.

Guideline dates for completing rounds:
Round 1 6 May
Round 2 20 May
Round 3 9 June
Round 4 28 June
Round 5 13 July

The Home team should arrange the match.
Leighton Linslade:
Stony Stratford:
Results vs.: Club A Club B
Club A   Club A - Club B score
Club A at Home
Club B Club B - Club A score
Club B Away

The matches shaded yellow are played at home for the team in the left-hand column.
So to read the table easily, (1) find the club in the left-hand column (in bold),
(2) read across to find its scores against each opponent as the first figure given;
(3) read across to find its Home games in yellow and its Away games in white.

If the number of wins is tied then the winner is determined by the who-beat-whom rule,
then by the number of games won.

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League Manager:
(Bury St. Edmunds)



  1. Each team shall consist of FOUR players, not necessarily the same players each match.
  2. Once a match has started no team player may be substituted.
  3. No player may play for more than one club in a season.
  4. 13 point games will be played with a 40 min. timed limit. If the game is drawn when time is called play one more hoop to determine game winner. Bisques may not be used for this extra hoop.
  5. The day shall consist of 16 single games and 2 double games. Each team member will play 4 single games and 1 double game. Tournament total 18 points.
  6. If a match is drawn at the end of all games, an extra hoop will be played to determine the overall winner. Captains will decide who plays (singles or doubles pairings). Once selected the players toss to decide who goes first. Start play from corner 1 and play to and through hoop 3.
  7. Each player should have a handicap within the range of 0 to 10. The total aggregate of the team handicap must not be lower than 24. (Note: New Golf Croquet handicaps in the range 0 to 12 were adopted by the CA for all UK players and implemented with effect from March 2008 in order to align UK handicaps with world standards. New handicaps for all UK players were obtained by adding 4 to the old handicaps. This Rule refers to the new handicaps. The handicap card index should start at 100.)
  8. Handicap cards should be submitted and filled in by the host club.
  9. Bisques will be used. No bisques used after time.
  10. If a team cancels unilaterally less than 3 clear days before a scheduled match that team forfeits its points and the other team will be awarded the match and half the possible games.
  11. Any number or size of lawn may be used; adjust the format accordingly. Spread the play if the quality of lawn varies.
  12. Results are to be notified by each team manager to the League Manager as soon as possible after the match.
  13. In the event of a dispute the League Manager's decision shall be final.

League Manager
tel: 01284 787728