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AC Association Croquet


Hunstanton - Sunday 26 April

Manager: Terrey Sparks


The first Federation event of the outdoors season the Club (AC) Champions day, played on Sunday 26th April, proved as popular as ever attracting 16 entries from around the region. Despite overnight rain the Hunstanton lawns in immaculate condition were as true as ever, but after their soaking were a little sluggish to start with under an overcast and windy sky. However, as the day progressed and with the wind dropping slightly and the appearance of the sun, conditions rapidly improved. Split into three sections, 'A' Level Advanced, 'B' Level Advanced and Handicap, the event proved a competitive as ever and no winner from the previous year retained their title.

'A' Level Advanced: This block consisting of 4 entrants was played as a round robin with a time limit of 2.5 hours. Duncan Hector and Arthur Reed set the pace, winning both their games in the first round. However, things in the second round were evened up when both Rod Ashwell and Jeff Race also recorded wins, leading into a final round with each having won a game each. In the final round both Duncan and Jeff recorded their second wins, finishing overall on two wins apiece. Based on the 'who beat whom' Format Duncan was declared the winner with Jeff the runner up.

'B' Level Advanced: This block, also containing 4 entrants, was likewise played as a round robin. In the first round last year's winner Tim Brewer lost to Terrey Sparks -2(T), a late substitution turning out for a late call-off, whilst John Smallbone after a sluggish game managed a similar close win over Dan Neale. In the second round John kept up his winning form, seeing off Tim whilst Dan recorded his first win over Terrey. The third round proved interesting in that if Terrey could stop John's run of wins and Dan overcame Tim then there would be a three way split for the Manager to sort out. However, this was not to be. Despite a win for Dan over Tim and after a tight third game that went to the nail, John saw off Terrey to win the block.

'C' Handicap: Attracting 8 entries, this was staged as a knock-out with a consolation event for those players knocked out in the first round. After the first round Nick Archer, David Matthews, Ann Brookes and Martin Hart all moved on into a semi-final round after recording wins. After this both Nick and Ann moved into a final round in which Nick ran out the winner, overcoming Ann with a determined steely performance. The surprise of the day was Peter Brown who on entering his first tournament finished equal first in the Consolation event along with George Collin. Not having played each, other Peter was declared the winner with a better hoop difference.

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Level Advanced'A' Block
  H'cap DH JR AR RA Wins Wins
Duncan Hector -1   +1(T) +22 -1(T) 2 1 1
Jeff Race 0 -1(T)   +4 +1(T) 2 1 2
Arthur Reed -22 -4   +22 1 1 3
Rod Ashwell +1(T) -1(T) -22   1 0 4
Level Advanced'B' Block
  H'cap JS DN TS TB Wins Wins
John Smallbone 3.5   +5(T) +2 +3 3 2 1
Dan Neale 4 -5(T)   +17 +6 2 2 2
Terrey Sparks 1 -2 -19   +2(T) 1 0 3
Tim Brewer 2.5 -3 -2 -2(T)   0 0 4
Handicap, 18-point games'C' Block
  H'cap NA AB PB GC DM MH PW JT Wins Wins
Nick Archer 9   +13     +6   +11   3 3 1
Ann Brookes 9 -13   +11     +4     2 2 2
Peter Brown 18   -11         +4 +18 2 2 3
George Collin           -6 +2 +5 2 2 4
David Matthews 8 -6         +6   +13 2 2 5
Martin Hart 9   -4   +6 -6       1 1 6
Peter Whiting 9 -11   -4 -2         0 0 7
Jonathan Toye 6     -18 -5 -13       0 0 8

Winner & tie-breaking determined by:

  1. Number of games won
  2. Wins within time
  3. Who beat whom
  4. AMD
Report and photos by Terrey Sparks

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