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GC Golf Croquet

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Winners Hertfordshire, L-R:
Brian Havill, John Taylor, Kevin Connolly

A win for Hertfordshire

This year the tournament was hosted at the Colchester Club on Saturday 18th June and attracted a full entry of all 6 counties within the Eastern Federation. Again the 3-player team format was used as the hosting club only had 4 lawns. However, the lawns were dry and very fast and despite the hoops being set at 1/16" the fast lawns presented difficulty in running, which meant games were taking more time than was expected and play for the day did not finish until dusk was settling in for the evening. Although the weather forecast was for rain later in the day, none appeared until very near until the end of the day, and this was only light showers which did not cause any disruption to play.

During play, which first consisted of 5 rounds of 1 doubles and 1 singles games, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire set the pace ending up with 7/10 wins each, with Suffolk in close pursuit ending up with 6/10 wins. Bedfordshire and Norfolk (the holders) were close behind with 4/10 wins each and Essex trailed with 2/10 wins.

Moving to the Gold Medal Round, this consisted of the four leading clubs who each then played 3 singles games which attracted 3 points per game. Hertfordshire cleared the field winning all three of their games attracting a full 9 points added to the first-round total, finishing on a total of 16 points. The other 3 teams only picked up a total of 3 points each from their remaining 3 games.

The final positions were as follows:

Winners Hertfordshire 16 points
2nd Cambridgeshire 10
3rd Suffolk 9
4th Norfolk 7
5th Bedfordshire 4
6th Essex 2
Bedfordshire: Les Heard (C)(-1), George Collin (2), Marilyn Robinson (4)
Cambridgeshire: Peter Ross (1), Colin Carr (3), Robert Skeen (4), reserve: Terrey Sparks (C)(1)
Essex: Paul Bridgman (3), David Dawsey (4), Hugh Brown (4), reserve: Judith Hand (C)(4)
Hertfordshire: John Taylor (1), Brian Havill (C)(1), Kevin Connolly (3)
Norfolk: Duncan Hector (C)(-1), Trevor Whittaker (3), Jeremy Moore (4), reserve: Colin McDonald (3)
Suffolk: Paul Homer (2), Barrie James (3), Colin Whyles (C)(3), reserve: David Wicks (5)
Report by Terrey Sparks

Venue Saturday 18 June at Colchester
The Ken Wheeler Shield
Entry fees tba
Previous winners Norfolk

[Subject to entry]

Lawn Match Doubles Singles
Round 1
1 A v B 1 & 2 3
2 C v D 1 & 2 3
3 E v F 1 & 2 3
Round 2
4 B v C 1 & 3 2
1 D v E 1 & 3 2
2 F v A 1 & 3 2
Round 3
1 C v E 2 & 3 1
4 D v A 2 & 3 1
2 B v F 2 & 3 1
Round 4
2 A v E 1 & 2 3
3 D v B 1 & 2 3
4 C v F 1 & 2 3
Round 5
1 B v E 1 & 3 2
2 F v D 1 & 3 2
3 A v C 1 & 3 2
Round 6 - 'Gold Medal'
  G1 v J1    
  H1 v K1    
  G2 v H2    
  J2 v K2    
  H3 v J3    
  G3 v K3    

"Gold Medal Round" Format

Each team will carry forward games won (each game scoring a single point). Each team will now comprise two Doubles pairs. The pairings may differ from the Block Phase. Pairs will be drawn to play a single game in the following format:

X1 v Y1 X2 v Z1 Y2 v Z2

A game win will score three points and be added to the aggregate carried forward. The winning team will be the one with the most points, with any tie being resolved by a 3-hoop doubles play-off.

Eligibility To qualify for a county the team member must either be born, reside or be registered with a club within that county. (For this tournament the county of Bedfordshire includes the clubs of Northampton and Stony Stratford).

If you are eligible and want to play, please contact the relevant team captain!
Regulations tba

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