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The winning teams from the three area leagues will meet at Wrest Park on Saturday 25th September in the annual play-off to determine the right to represent the Eastern Region in the Secretary's Shield for 2011.

Area League 2010 winners 2010 Play-off winners
The Chairman's Cup
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League tables: Letchworth
Colchester North

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Letchworth Triumph at 2010 Area Leagues Play-Off

Terrey Sparks (L) presenting Nick Mounfield of Letchworth with the trophy

Due to the unfortunate withdrawal of Colchester (North) who were not able to field a team due to their players being committed elsewhere, the format of the play-off was changed by the Manager Terrey Sparks to that of the Longman Cup to ensure an undisputed winner would emerge at the end of the day.

Wrest Park was the venue where Letchworth, winners of the Beds & Herts League, met Hunstanton, winners of the Norfolk & Cambs League on Saturday 25th September. The morning although chilly and windy was just about bearable due to a bright warming sun, with the lawns in good condition and playing at a moderately even end-of-season pace.

Despite having superiority in bisques Hunstanton were unable to make an impression on Letchworth who were in rampant form winning all three of the games in the morning, although two went to a close finish.

During the afternoon session Hunstanton fared a little better winning one game with two others going to the final stages. However, the morning task set by Letchworth proved a bridge too far and they ran out the overall winners 6 - 1.

Thanks go to the members of Wrest Park who generously allowed the use of their facilities, and we wish Letchworth all the success in their next year's Secretary's Shield campaign representing the Eastern Region.

Letchworth Duncan Hector, Nick Mounfield, Ian Mantle, Keith Rhodes
Hunstanton Terrey Sparks, Jeff Race, Ken Wheeler, Mary Coombs
Colchester North unable to raise a team


L-R: Keith Rhodes, Nick Mounfield,
Ian Mantle, Duncan Hector
Results (Letchworth names first):
Defrosting over lunch
Duncan Hector & Nick Mounfield vs.
           Ken Wheeler & Mary Coombs
Ian Mantle vs. Jeff Race
Keith Rhodes vs. Terrey Sparks

Duncan Hector vs. Jeff Race
Nick Mounfield vs. Ken Wheeler
Ian Mantle vs. Terrey Sparks
Keith Rhodes vs. Mary Coombs


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Report by Terrey Sparks

Area League Play-Off for the Chairman's Cup


  1. The EACF Area league play-off will for 2010 be held at Wrest Park on Saturday 25th September at 10.00am. 
  2. The winning team from each Area, 1 (Beds & Herts.), 2 (Essex & Suffolk) and 3 (Norfolk & Cambs.), will meet to determine the overall EACF league championship.
  3. The format will be normal handicap games of 26pts, doubles in the morning and single games in the afternoon. Singles games will be double-banked and the duration of each game will be 3ΒΌ hours.

    am: A1,A3 v B2,B4 B1,B3 v C2,C4 C1,C3 v A2,A4
    pm: A1 v C2
    A3 v C4
    B1 v A2
    B3 v A4
    C1 v B2
    C3 v B4

    A draw will take place in the morning to determine which teams will be designated A, B or C.

  4. All teams will comprise of four players (no handicap restriction).
  5. The Team Captain is to list his team in handicap order before the start of play and hand it to the manager. (If two or more players have the same handicap they can be listed per that teams preference.)
  6. The overall winner will be the team that has won the most games. However,
    1. If no winner can be determined then the who beat whom rule will apply. However,
    2. If still no winner can be determined then the team with the fewest wins on time will be the winner.
    3. If the contest is still undecided, then a peg shoot-out will be arranged by the Manager to determine the winner.
  7. The overall winner of the play-off will be presented with the 'Chairmans Cup' to be held for one year and will go forward to represent the Eastern Region in the Secretary's Shield for the next year.

Terrey Sparks