23rd Annual General Meeting - 20th March 2010


The Annual General Meeting of the E.A.C.F. was held on Saturday 20th March 2010 at the Hyndman Centre, Hospital Road, Bury St. Edmunds commencing at 2.00pm.

AGM by year:


  1. Apologies for absence.
  2. Minutes of the 2009 AGM and matters arising. (A summary of the Minutes can be obtained here).
  3. Reports from the Officers:
    3.1 Chairman: Peter Allnutt.
    3.2 Treasurer: George Collin.
    3.3 Secretary: Terrey Sparks. (Not standing for re-election.)
    3.4 Coach/Dev: Jonathan Toye.
    3.5 Equipment: Neil Chalmers.
    3.6 Indoors: Vacant
    3.7 Golf Croq: Chris Howell.
    3.8 CA. Rep: Arthur Reed.
    3.9 Website: Simon Hathrell.
  4. Election of Officers and Committee Members for the 2010 year.
    (Nominations for the Committee proposed and seconded must be received by the Secretary before 13th March 2010).
  5. Election of an Auditor.
  6. To review the 2010 Programme of Events.
  7. Any other business. (To be submitted to the Secretary prior to the meeting.)

11th January 2010

Terrey Sparks,

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Minutes of the 23rd Annual General Meeting - 20th March 2010

The meeting commenced at 2pm with Peter Allnutt in the chair and 15 members present representing eight of the member clubs.

Apologies were received from Tom & Judy Anderson (Presidents), Jonathan Toye (Downham Mkt), Alec Osborne (Meldreth), Paul Strover (Sudbury) and Pat Hetherington (Colchester).

Minutes of the previous meeting held on 21st March 2009 having been circulated, on a proposal from Chris Howell and seconded by John Hall, were taken as correct and agreed by the meeting.

The Chairman thanked the Committee for all the hard work put in during the last year leaving himself with very little to do. He especially wished to express his thanks to Neil Chalmers for not only looking after the Federations equipment and indoors programme, but also for stepping in to cover for the Secretary after his serious road traffic accident last September. He understood that Neil will be stepping down from office and he asked the meeting to give Neil a vote of thanks for all the hard work he had put in as a Committee Member over the previous years. He also thanked Chris Howell for her work on organising the GC Indoors programme and Colin Hemming for stepping in and helping Neil. Finally, he was pleased to see that the Secretary was back from his enforced stay in hospital and wished him a speedy recovery.

The Treasurer presented the Federation's Statement of Accounts for the year ended 31st December 2009 which showed that a slight income profit of £10.93 had been achieved for the year. Our Reserves now stood at £4,108.77. Overall the position was stable. A new Auditor, Mark Homan, had been co-opted last year and he had made several proposals to simplify the accounts, which had been accepted by the Committee. The Treasurer pointed out that detailed income and expense accounts were needed from the various organisers, so that accurate records could be kept. He also recommended that no increase be made to subscriptions for the following year. Finally, he gave advanced warning that 2010 would be his last year as Treasurer and that he would be standing down from office next year.

On a proposal from J. Hall and seconded by Mike Percival the Accounts were agreed by the meeting.

Subscriptions: on a proposal from J. Hall and seconded by C. Howell it was agreed by the meeting that the 2010 subscription remain unchanged at £15.

The Secretary reported that up until his accident the year's programme had gone well with most events being well supported. There were problems finding volunteers to run the National Trust events and these appeared to have come to the end of their natural life. He thanked those members of the Committee who had covered for him during his absence and all those members and clubs who had sent him cards and messages whilst incapacitated. The membership was down one club to 27. However a new club, Fromus, is likely to join next year. He would like to thank those clubs who had supported the Federation last year by making their facilities available.

Coaching/Development: no report had been received from Jonathan Toye as he was currently away abroad on holiday.

Equipment: Neil Chalmers produced a written report and schedule of equipment held by the Federation. During the year invoices totalling £77 had been issued of which £42 was still outstanding. As the CA was now more willing to help new clubs with equipment grants it had been a quiet year with very little equipment going out. He had been unable to resolve the ownership of the third set of Townsend Hoops which we have in our possession so had decided to include them into stock at zero value. Should a claimant appear in the future they can be returned without affecting the Federation's asset position. Neil informed the meeting that after many years he was standing down as Equipment Officer and was duly thanked by the meeting for his past services.

Indoors: Neil Chalmers reported that despite having difficulty in attracting entries the CA season had gone well and all sessions had been well attended. Colin Hemming had taken over the January and February slots and introduced a new formula, which had been well received. As Neil will be standing down this year, Colin has agreed to be co-opted to manage the sessions next year ex officio. Neil was thanked by the meeting for all his past services. Chris Howell reported that although the GC sessions had gone well there had been difficulty in filling the December slot. After discussion it was decided to move this session to November to see if this solved the problem.

Golf Croquet: Chris Howell reported that the season had gone well and that there had been an increase in the playing members. The four Area League winners Hunstanton (A), Enfield, Bury St. Edmund (W) and Stony Stratford had met in semi-finals at Newport on 5th September in which the winners Enfield and Stony Stratford met the following day at a changed venue, Bury St. Edmunds. After a close game Enfield ran out the overall league winners. Next year due to suggestions from the clubs, it was decided to stage the semi-finals and final on different weekends to relieve the travelling pressures.

The CA Representative had attended the CA AGM and various Councils Meetings, and presented a written report on the on the last Council meeting held on 23rd January 2010. This included a warning that the new Jacques hoops were too narrow, discussions on the draft 2009 accounts, and projections on financing the recent construction of the CA HQ. A review of Tournament Entry and Registration Fees are to be undertaken. Also the daily lawn and ball hire rate are to be increased to £25. Quiller Barrett (Watford) had been elected President of the CA. 2010 will see the staging of the MacRobertson Shield and 2011 the GC World Championships.

Website: Simon Hathrell reported that the year had gone well with no problems. Two years Registration Fees amounting to £61.51 had been paid. There had been several enhancements made to the site and these were ongoing. An on-line Court Booking System was available for member clubs should they wish to use it.

Election of Committee: The following members had agreed to stand for the following year:

Peter Allnutt
George Collin
Terrey Sparks
Jonathan Toye
Golf Croquet:
Chris Howell
CA Representative:
Arthur Reed
Simon Hathrell
John Hall, Mike Percival

As there were no other nominations the above members were elected en bloc by the meeting. In the absence of nominations, Colin Hemming had agreed to be co-opted to run the Indoors CA Weekends, and Neil Chalmers will retain and look after the Equipment until a suitable replacement can be found.

Election of Auditor: Following a proposal by John Hall and seconded by Arthur Reed, Mark Homan was elected as the Federation's Auditor by the meeting.

2010 Programme: The Secretary outlined the programme for the next season and pointed out that in the absence of volunteers the National Trust GC tournaments are in doubt. However, all other events are scheduled to take place. If any members had any ideas regarding improvements to the existing programme or new events they would be welcome.

Any Other Business: The meeting was informed that Timothy Race, 14 years old (Hunstanton), had been selected to represent England under 25s against Ireland under 25s. The Chairman is to write a letter of congratulation on the Federation's behalf.

There then followed a short discussion on handicaps and the problems they presented at club level and how they might be equalised.

There being no further business the date of the next meeting was agreed for Saturday 19th March 2011.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 3.20 pm.


A copy of the AGM minutes suitable for printing can be viewed/downloaded here (PDF 27KB).

See also: The EACF Constitution (PDF 19KB).