CA Tournaments in East
Anglia by year:

The following open tournaments held by clubs in the East Anglian region in 2019 are recognised by the national Croquet Association:

For full event details, entry lists and online tournament entry please visit the Fixtures Calendar on the CA website.

Date Venue Event Type Comments Alloc. Close Draw
6 Apr Letchworth April 14-Point Advanced Saturday (AC) 14AH:8-06 Mar06 Mar 
26 Apr LetchworthApril GC B/C Transition Tournament GG:5–10 1wd26 Mar26 Mar 
27 Apr LetchworthApril GC Open Tournament GCancelled27 Mar27 Mar 
4-5 May NorthamptonGolf Croquet A-Level Tournament ^G  11 Mar29 Apr 
4-5 May ColchesterB-Level Advanced (AC) Weekend AH:1+31 Jan20 Apr 
4-6 May Hunstanton Robert Prichard Weekend (AC) AH:8-02 Mar25 Apr 
11-12 May ColchesterThe East Anglian Golf Croquet Championship *GC229 Mar09 May 
6 May WatfordGolf Croquet B-Level Tournament #GG:3+11 Mar28 Apr 
15 May Wrest Park Golf Croquet B-Level Tournament #GG:3+ 1wd31 Mar06 May 
15-16 May Watford Midweek Advanced AC Tournament AH:8- 2wd17 Mar08 May 
17-19 May Colchester Spring Weekend Handicap (AC) Tournament 14HD, HH:24- 1wd31 Jan03 May 
18-19 May Newport Open Advanced (AC) Weekend Asa  29 Mar11 May 
18-19 May Wrest Park May Handicap (AC) Tournament HH:20-17 Apr15 May 
22 May Wrest Park Golf Croquet C-Level Tournament ~GG:7+ 1wd31 Mar13 May 
25-26 May Hunstanton Golf Croquet A-Level Tournament ^G  23 Mar16 May 
6 Jun NorthamptonGolf Croquet B-Level Tournament #GG:3+ 1wd11 Apr29 May 
8-9 Jun Colchester6th Colchester Ladies' Open GC Singles Tournament G    29 May 
8-9 Jun Wrest Park Golf Croquet A-Level Tournament ^G  30 Apr31 May 
7-9 Jun Hunstanton Over Fifties' Weekend (AC) H50+ H:20- 1wd28 Apr05 Jun 
8 Jun WatfordOne-Day AC Tournament EH:16-31 Mar01 Jun 
15 Jun Leighton-Linslade Golf Croquet B-Level Tournament # G G:3+ 28 Apr    
15-16 Jun Newport B-Level (AC) Advanced Weekend A H:1–7 14 Apr 08 Jun  
15-16 Jun Colchester Advanced Weekend (AC) Tournament Asa   30 May 13 Jun  
23 Jun Colchester Golf Croquet B-Level Tournament # G G:3+ 29 May 21 Jun  
21-23 Jun Peterborough Handicap Weekend (AC) HSD H:24- 1wd 09 May 06 Jun  
29 Jun Colchester Golf Croquet C-Level Tournament ~ G G:7+ 29 May 19 Jun  
29 Jun Hunstanton Golf Croquet B-Level Tournament # G G:3+ 11 May 27 Jun  
30 Jun Hunstanton Golf Croquet C-Level Tournament ~ G G:7+ 11 May 27 Jun  
2-4 Jul Colchester Over-Fifties' Midweek Handicap (AC) Tournament H 50+ H:18- 3wd 31 Jan 18 Jun  
3-4 Jul Letchworth July Midweek Tournament B-Level (AC) A H:0–7 2wd 03 Jun 03 Jun  
5-7 Jul Wrest Park July Advanced (AC) Tournament A H:8- 1wd 05 Jun 02 Jul  
20-21 Jul Hunstanton Golf Croquet Open Tournament G   11 May 17 Jul  
19-21 Jul Colchester The Eastern Championship As, Asa C1 1wd 17 Jun 18 Jun  
27-28 Jul Peterborough Advanced Weekend (AC) A   13 Jun 11 Jul  
3-4 Aug Wrest Park August Advanced (AC) Tournament A H:8- 03 Jul 31 Jul  
3-4 Aug Norwich Chalkhill Handicap (AC) H   29 May 17 Jul 21 Jul
8 Aug Northampton Golf Croquet C-Level Tournament ~ G G:7+ 1wd 13 Jun 01 Aug  
6-8 Aug Colchester Summer Midweek Handicap (AC) Tournament H H:18- 3wd 31 Jan 30 Jul  
17-18 Aug Ipswich Handicap Weekend (AC) H   08 Jul 09 Aug  
24-27 Aug Hunstanton 120th Annual (AC) Tournament E 1wd 22 Jun 22 Aug  
31 Aug-1 Sep Hunstanton The English National GC Doubles Championship GD C1 02 Aug 12 Aug  
7-8 Sep Hunstanton The AC All-England Handicap Final H   03 Mar 31 May  
7-8 Sep Northampton End of Season Weekend Handicap (AC) H   13 Jul 31 Aug  
14-15 Sep Letchworth September Open Weekend (AC) Tournament A   14 Aug 14 Aug  
21-22 Sep Wrest Park September Handicap (AC) Tournament H H:20- 14 Aug 18 Sep  
5-6 Oct Watford The National Schools' and Juniors' AC Championships L Teams C3      



Extracted from the Croquet Association 2019 Fixtures Calendar.



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 * English National GC Singles Championship Qualification Event
^ Golf Croquet A-Level Series
# Golf Croquet B-Level Series
~ Golf Croquet C-Level Series

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14A: 14-point Advanced
A: Level Advanced AC
As: Super-Advanced AC
Asa: Level Advanced/Super-Advanced AC
CTC: Coaches' Training Course
E: Depends on entry (AC)
G: GC (Level)
Gh: Handicap GC
H: Handicap AC
Ha: Handicap Advanced AC
HSD: Handicap AC Singles and Doubles
O: One-Ball Advanced
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