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Colchester - Saturday 27 April

Manager: Terrey Sparks

Winners L-R: (C) Jonathan Lambton,
(A) Craig Winfield, (B) Colin Hemming

On a bleak, cold, blustery day 14 contestants from eight of the region's clubs gathered at Colchester to determine the E.A.C.F. (AC) Championship. Split into three groups they played in two Level Advanced groups of 4 and one Handicap group comprising 6 players.

Group A: (Level Advanced) comprised all-play-all, which proved extremely close with the group finishing on a 3-way tie. 1st place was awarded to Craig Winfield (Newport), last year’s champion, determined by wins within time. 2nd place was awarded to Jonathan Hills (Colchester) on who beat whom.

Group B: (‘B’-Level Advanced) also comprising four players was just as tight, with both Colin Hemming (Colchester) and Geoff Johnson (Watford) finishing on two wins apiece. Unable to separate the two players the Manager conducted a Nottingham Tie break (2-ball breaks starting in corner IV) which had to be played twice to determine the winner, which turned out to be Colin Hemming.

Group C: (Handicap) was played as a Swiss, the block of six players playing 3 games each with winners eliminating winners. First place was awarded to Jonathan Lambton (Watford), undefeated on three wins out of three. Second place went to Ann Brookes (Colchester) with two wins, both within time; whilst the third place was awarded to Fran Lambert (Newport), also equal on two wins but both out of time.

Many thanks to Colchester for making the clubhouse and magnificent lawns available to the Federation on which to stage this annual tournament, the first of the summer!

Report & photo by Terrey Sparks
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Level Advanced'A' Block
Player Club H'cap CW JH SH BH Wins Wins
Craig Winfield Newport   +11 -9 +9 2 2 +11 1
Jonathan Hills Colchester -1 -11   +2T +5 2 1 -4 2
Simon Hathrell Watford -1 +9 -2T   +11T 2 1 +18 3
Bryan Harral Wrest Park -9 -5 -11T   0 0 -25 4
Level Advanced'B' Block
Player Club H'cap CH GJ GS JR Wins Wins
Colin Hemming Colchester   -1T +14 +3T 2 1 +16 1
Geoff Johnson Watford 2 +1T   +20 -5T 2 1 +16 2
Geoff Strutt Wrest Park 9 -14 -20   +4T 1 0 -30 3
John Reddish Hunstanton -3T +5T -4T   1 0 -2 4
Handicap (18-point gmes)'C' Block
Player Club H'cap JL AB FL DE DW JT Wins Wins
Jonathan Lambton Watford 6   +7 +14   +10   3 3 +31 1
Ann Brookes Colchester 7 -7     +10   +9 2 2 +12 2
Fran Lambert Newport 12 -14     +1T +6T   2 0 -7 3
David Ebert Chelmsford 14   -10 -1T     +14 1 1 +3 4=
David Woolley Wrest Park 7 -10   -6T     +10 1 1 -6 4=
Jonathan Toye Downham Market 7   -9   -14 -10   0 0 -33 6

Tie breaking: group winners will be determined by wins within time. If still undecided Groups A & B will be determined by a Nottingham Tie Break (2-ball breaks starting in corner IV), and Group C by a Hemming Tie Break (shooting at a hoop).

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