GC Golf Croquet

GC League Northern Area results
by year:


Results vs.:

Hunstanton 'A' Hunstanton 'B' Downham Mkt Norwich MATCH WINS GAME WINS RESULT
Hunstanton 'A'   9-10 16-2 11-7 2 36 1st
Hunstanton 'B' 10-9   8-10 11-7* 2 29 2nd
Downham Mkt 2-16 10-8   12-6 2 24 3rd
Norwich 7-11 7-11* 6-12   0 13 4th

*Result awarded by default when the match was not played.


Winner:  Hunstanton 'A'
1st, 2nd and 3rd places determined by number of games won.

Home and Away matches can be changed by mutual agreement.
Results to be reported to Chris Howell as soon as possible after each match.

Deadlines for rounds:

Round 1 31st May
Round 2 30th June
Round 3 31st August
Results vs.: Club A Club B
Club A   Club A - Club B score
Club A at Home
Club B Club B - Club A score
Club B Away

The matches shaded yellow are played at home for the team in the left-hand column.
So to read the table easily, (1) find the club in the left-hand column (in bold),
(2) read across to find its scores against each opponent as the first figure given;
(3) read across to find its Home games in yellow and its Away games in white.

If the number of wins is tied then the winner is determined by the who-beat-whom rule,
then by the number of games won.

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League Manager:
(Bury St. Edmunds)