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The East Anglian Golf Croquet league is divided into four areas, the Northern, Eastern, Central and Western areas, and the clubs in each area played in an all-play-all block over the course of the season. There are four players per team who play four timed handicap singles against their opposite numbers, plus two handicap doubles – a total of 18 games per match. The results of the matches in each block can be found by following the corresponding links. The four area winners then proceed to a knock-out stage for the semi-finals and finals to determine the overall winner.

The North & Mid vs. Western Area semi-final was played at Letchworth on Saturday 6th September. The Eastern vs. Central Area semi-final was played at Newport on Thursday 4th September. The final was played at Letchworth on Saturday 13th September.

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GC League play-off results
by year:
Area 2014 Area Winners:

The EACF Golf Croquet
League Trophy
Hunstanton Hunstanton
[hoops: 106-102]
Maldon Pavilion
Letchworth Blues Maldon Pavilion
[hoops: 101-110]

Final - 13th September 2014

Hunstanton Maldon Pavilion
Pauline Donner [C](5) Michael Manning [C](3)
Roy Donner (7) Marian Manning (6)
Charles Ostler (8) Neil Grandy (8)
Ruth Cole (9) John Gorrie (9)
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Everyone was welcomed by Letchworth, the lawns looked excellent, and play commenced.

RoundHunstanton   Maldon Pavilion  
1 Pauline Donner v Michael Manning 5-7
Roy Donner v Marian Manning 5-7
Charles Ostler v Neil Grandy 7-1
Ruth Cole v John Gorrie 7-3
2 Charles Ostler v John Gorrie 7-5
Ruth Cole v Neil Grandy 6-7
Pauline Donner v Marian Manning 7-5
Roy Donner v Michael Manning 7-3
3 Pauline Donner v Neil Grandy 6-7
Roy Donner v John Gorrie 3-7
Charles Ostler v Michael Manning 7-5
Ruth Cole v Marian Manning 7-6
4 Charles Ostler v Marian Manning 7-5
Ruth Cole v Michael Manning 7-3
Pauline Donner v John Gorrie 6-7
Roy Donner v Neil Grandy 7-6
5 Pauline Donner
& Charles Ostler
v Michael Manning
& John Gorrie
Roy Donner
& Ruth Cole
v Marian Manning
& Neil Grandy
WINS:12 - 6  
After Round 1: 2-2 Charles with an impressive 7-1 win over Neil which included 2 successful jumps!!
After Round 2: 5-3 After a tough start Neil digs in to win 7-6 over an in-form Ruth - previously unbeaten in all six semi-final games against Watford.
After Round 3: 7-5 At hoop 13 Marian's ball is 2 feet straight in front of the hoop, but Ruth hits an incredible clearance from beyond hoop 3 and goes on to beat Marian 7-6 (see picture*).
Round 4: 7-6 game 1: first off the lawns, John narrowly beats Pauline 7-6 to keep Maldon alive;
8-6 game 2: with Neil first to hoop 13 Roy fights back to win 7-6 and edges Hunstanton ahead;
9-6 game 3: Charles continues to impress by holding off Marian (Hunstanton need one more);
10-6 game 4: on hoop 7, Ruth hits her ball clearing both of Michael's from in front of the hoop! Michael puts one back in front, but Ruth clears again this time going 'in-off'! Ruth goes on to win 7-3 clinching victory for Hunstanton.
After doubles: 12-6 With the tie all over, Hunstanton win two tight games.

The winners receiving the trophy
from League Manager Jason Carley

The final result was far closer than the 12-6 score suggests, with thirteen of the eighteen games going down to the last (12th) or deciding (13th) hoops - eight of which were won by Hunstanton and five by Maldon Pavilion.

Congratulations to Hunstanton.

The League Manager's 'star Player? is Charles Ostler of Hunstanton, who was unbeaten on the day.

Many thanks to Letchworth for hosting the event,
in particular Tracy Martin, Colin Gregory and Andrea Carr.

Report by Jason Carley,
photos by John Cundell

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Golf Croquet Handicap League Rules – 2014
Semi-Finals & Finals

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  1. All games shall be handicap and played under the current CA-approved Laws of Golf Croquet (NB: new 4th Edition, March 2014).
  2. The Semi-Final Round dates and venues will be arranged by the League Manager after conferring with the team captains. The Final Round will be arranged by the League Manager, the date and venue stated prior to the start of any league matches being played.
  3. Each team shall consist of four players, not necessarily the same players each match. The players shall be listed in handicap INDEX order, and doubles pairings must be declared prior to start of play.
  4. Substitutes in matches shall be allowed by prior agreement between the Team Captains.
  5. Each player shall have a handicap within the range -2 to 12 (effective handicap in the range -6 to 12) and shall play off their current EFFECTIVE handicap on the day of the match.
  6. No player may play for more than one team in a season.
  7. The match shall consist of 16 single games and 2 double games. Each Team member will play 4 single games and 1 doubles game. The doubles pairs containing the player with the highest handicap index on either side shall play each other. If a match is drawn at the end of all games, Captains will choose any 2 players to play a deciding 13-hoop game. To determine who starts, all four players to hit one ball from the same boundary line across the lawn; whichever ball is closest to the far boundary line without going over it commences play.
  8. 13-point handicap games will be played with a 60 minute time limit, excluding stoppages. If a game is drawn when time is called the players must play one more hoop to determine the winner. Bisques may not be used for this extra hoop.
  9. Handicap Cards must be submitted to each Team Captain prior to the start of play. All handicap cards are to be up to date and verified correct by either the Club handicapper or Official C.A. Handicapper. If a player forgets their card they can verbally declare their handicap but must provide a copy of the card to the League Manager within 24 hours of the match. If a player’s handicap turns out to be lower than that declared on the day then all games won by that player shall be forfeit. Additionally if a player forgets their card for the Final they shall play off an effective handicap 2 below their declared effective handicap.
  10. Any number or size of lawns may be used. Adjust the format accordingly. Spread the play if the quality of lawns varies.
  11. Semi-final results and a copy of the score-sheet are to be notified by each Team Captain to the League Manager after the match.
  12. In the event of a dispute the League Manager's decision shall be final.