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Winter 2014-15

December 2014 Wrest Park Newsletter (PDF 774 kb) John Bevington

October 2014 [East Anglia] Former EACF Chairman Don Cornelius has died

October 2014 Leighton Linslade Newsletter (PDF 1741 kb) John Cundell

October 2014 Wrest Park Newsletter (PDF 440 kb) John Bevington

Summer 2014

October 5 Nottingham Colchester won the national Inter-Club Championship

September 13-14 Wrest Park George Collin won the September Handicap Tournament

August 2014 Wrest Park Newsletter (PDF 434 kb) John Bevington

August 9-10 Letchworth Nigel Polhill won the August A Level Tournament

August 9-10 Colchester Robert Fulford won the Musk's Cup

August 9-10 Colchester William Ormerod won the Kate Jones Trophy

August 5-7 Colchester Mike Bowser won the Summer Midweek Handicap Tournament

August 2-3 Wrest Park Rod Ashwell won the August Advanced Tournament

August 2-3 Norwich Ian Draper won the Chalkhill Handicap Tournament

July 25-27 Hunstanton David Maugham won the Eastern Championship

July 2014 Wrest Park Newsletter (PDF 594 kb) John Bevington

July 2014 Leighton Linslade Newsletter (PDF 1587 kb) John Cundell

July 5-13 [national] Robert Fulford (Colchester) won the CA Open Championship for the 10th time

July 5-6 Wrest Park Bryan Harral won the July Advanced Tournament

July 1-3 Colchester Charlie Martin won the over 50s Midweek Handicap Tournament

June 29 Colchester David Crawford and Barrie James won at the GC Club Champions Tournament

June 21-22 Colchester Robert Fulford won the Open Weekend

June 16 Hurlingham Oxford beat Cambridge 7-2 in the 2014 Varsity Match

June 7 Hunstanton Norfolk won the GC Ken Wheeler Shield

June 7 Watford Gary Bennett and Thomas Cullis won at the AC One-Day Tournament

June 2014 Wrest Park Newsletter (PDF 815 kb) John Bevington

May 31-1 June Colchester Jeff Farrington, Terry Mahoney and Heather Bennett won at the Spring Handicap Tournament

May 24-27 [national] AC Inter-Counties Championship results

May 17-18 Colchester Robert Fulford won the East Anglian GC Championship

May 14-15 Letchworth Heather Bennett won the May Tournament

May 12 Watford Geoff Johnson won the GC B-Level Tournament

May 11-12 Colchester Terry Mahoney won the AC B Level Tournament

April 27 Hunstanton Simon Hathrell, Tim Brewer and David Matthews won at the AC Club Champions Tournament

April 26 Letchworth Jeff Dawson won the AC 14-point Advanced Tournament

Winter 2013-14

March 2014 Leighton Linslade Newsletter (PDF 128 kb) John Cundell

February 2014 Wrest Park Newsletter (PDF 361 kb) John Bevington

January 2014 Leighton Linslade Newsletter (PDF 552 kb) John Cundell

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