I have been married to my wife Maria for 35 years and have two children Jane & Philip and two grand children Sam & Jack. 

Although now 65 I am still working full time, specialising in Green roofs/roof gardens - basically because I love it. The money also helps of course! 

I took up croquet in the early eighties when Rugby, Football & Cricket gave me up, joining Ipswich Croquet Club in 1984, where I have been a member ever since, and am at present the club secretary.

I have been surprised but honoured to find myself chairman of the EACF, and am looking forward to my first year in office. The reason for my optimism is knowing I am heading a experienced and well oiled committee machine who I am sure will keep me well advised. I will certainly be doing my best to meet as many members as possible over the coming season. Let us hope it is as sunny and enjoyable as April has been.