GC Golf Croquet

The Golf Croquet Level Play League was inaugurated in 2012.

In 2018 it was split into an Open League with one block for the whole region, and a B-Level League (h'cap 3+) with two area blocks and a play-off for the area winners.

In 2019 the Open League was further split into two area blocks with a play-off for the area winners.

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The EACF Golf Croquet
Level Play League Trophy
Year North & Central East & West EACF play-off
2012 [not completed]   [not contested]
2013 Colchester Watford Colchester
2014 Ipswich Northampton Ipswich
2015 Colchester Watford Colchester
2016 Hunstanton Northampton Northampton
2017 Colchester Watford Watford
B-Level League Open League
  North & East Central & West play-off   Eastern Western play-off
2018 Ipswich Enfield Enfield 2018 [single area] Watford
2019 Chelmsford Enfield Enfield 2019 Norwich Northampton Northampton
2020 [Not contested] 2020 [Not contested]
2021 Chelmsford Enfield Enfield 2021 [Not contested] Watford Watford
2022 Chelmsford Enfield Enfield 2022 Newport Watford Watford
2023 Chelmsford Leighton Linslade Leighton Linslade 2023 [Not contested] Northampton Northampton